Music as a metaphor for change, growth and development.

To achieve mutual goals it is  important to work together and to be powerful. Our musician brings the participants in connection with each other and let them join hands so they can work together in a energetic way.

There are several musical interventions. In a briefing by phone with our musician, we will adjust the content of the workshop to the goals and themes of your meeting.

Boomwhacker as an instrument

Often times Boomwhackers are used as an instrument. Each participant will receive a Boomwhacker. These are plastic tubes in a colour that corresponds with a certain note. By making contact between the boomwhacker and your hand, your body, an object (e.g. the back of a chair) or the floor, a soft sound occurs. A harmony is formed when certain sections of the orchestra are being heard together and the melody is co-created by all the players in this play based on rhythm, harmony and melody. It is possible to illustrate the dynamic and richness of the group by getting a specific sound, tempo and melody.

As soon as the group is familiar with a certain rhythm, the group will be divided by colour into subgroups that will each play its own specific rhythm. Playing together, the rhythms, harmonies and melodies will merge into a harmonious unity.


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