The Business Gurus Show

The Business Gurus is a highly entertaining comedy show based on the phenomena of the popular management guru with simple concepts for success. We have all experienced these speakers that are frequently asked to motivate an audience during a business event or congress. Although there may be some truth in their message, most people have a healthy allergy for the simplistic nature of their solutions and/or their complacent attitude. In this show you will be introduced to three different gurus in a dynamic mix of entertainment and information.

Have a look at this impression of The Business Gurus.

  • 20-40 min

  • Unlimited

  • From € 2320

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“The fun way in which the business gurus refelected upon common business practises, was very entertaining and introduced the theme of the event to the audience in a way that was accesible for all. We warmly recommend this opening act as a reminder of the overall purpose of the organisation during challenging times. The gurus are great comedians and know how to captivate the attention under all circumstances. These three characters are totally over the top, while still being 100% recognisable. An energizing experience!”