Lost In Translation

In the Lost in Translation workshop the participants will be confronted in a fun way with the importance of clear communication.  In order to get to results one needs to listen, anticipate and ask questions for clarification. Participants will also be challenged in their ability to deal with taksks in a flexible and creative way. Good and poor efforts are directly visible and will therefore stimulate people to adjust their behaviour and interaction. In this way the Lost in Translation workshop stimulates people to experiment with different ways of communications. The workshop kan be used as a teambuilding activity or as an energizer during a business event or training. More energizers kan be found here.

    • 15-25 min

    • Until 500

    • From €800

    • Samenwerking

      “The energizer Lost in Translation was the perfect solution for our corporate meeting with 200 people. Adam Fields provided new energy and inspiration in the audience while stressing the importance of collaboration in a fun way. People were asked to make our logo with two balloons in a team of two. Through Adam’s instructions and enthusiasm all teams succeeded in accomplishing the task. A great energizer for any event!”