Percussion Workshop

In this Percussion Workshop a playful link is being made between the collaboration within an orchestra and an organisation. The participants are invited to combine their strengths during this musical energizer. The result is an upbeat Brazilian Samba, in which people experience that in order to create harmony, one needs to listen to others. An important message brought in a light-hearted manner.

  • 45-60 min

  • Until 50

  • Collaboration

“On June 29 and 30 juni 2014 the IJsvogel Group organised an event in which we wanted to have a serious conversation about our future. We had engaged More Balls Than Most with their Percussion Workshop. After the internission people found a musical instrument on their seats, which created already quite a buzz. The performers created a beautiful workshop and their Brazilian music was a big hit and perfect timing with the World Siccer Games taking place in Brasil at the moment. It was all about collaboration in this workshop and with the guidance from the musicians we managed to do so successfully. The result was a dynamic and upbeat samba that even got some of us dancing! I  have recommended this act to others. It was a true treat!”