Team Sculpture

In the Team Sculpture workshop the participants simultaneously work on a statue with the guidance of an experienced artist. Through different interventions ideas, dreams and thoughts are exchanged and expressed in clay. These small object are passed on to a colleague, who will continue the work based on the briefing of the original maker. In this informal way the workshop stimulates collaboration and communication between team members. The result of the workshop will be dried, processed and glazed in the atelier of the artist. It is then returned to the organisation as a tangible souvenir of the event.

  • 60-180 min

  • Until 50

  • Collaboration

Team Sculpture as an oasis during a congress

It is possible to have large groups have a similar experience -making a statue together- without the teambuilding aspect. Visitors of a marketing event or congress can contribute individually or in small groups. A fun way to have people express a certain idea or topic! You can find more informatie on Art on Demand here.