BrainPower Show

The BrainPower show offers a fascinating and entertaining confrontation with our own patterns of thought. Our illusionist uses insights from Psychology and Philosophy to look at the modern landscape within organisations in transition. The key message of your event or training will stick better when humour is being used and the audience is curious to learn more about a topic. This show is therefore an excellent opening for any corporate event and can be combined with a workshop focusing on existing patterns of behaviour and change management. Do contact us to learn more about the possibilities!

  • 40-75 min

  • Unlimited

  • Collaboration

“We were very pleased indeed with the contribution of Dan. Not only his magical tricks were amazing, but he also knew exactly how to captivate the attention and introduce concepts such as focus and perspective to the in a relevant way. During this seminar I have spoken enthusiastically about your contribution to many colleagues.”