Building Bridges

In the Building Bridges workshop the participants will be asked to build a bridge with K’nex; a technical toy that can be used to make complicated constructions. Each team must abide by several rules while building their (part of the) bridge as it is the ultimate goal to link up all the team bridges to make one large structure that can support a K’nex vehicule moving from one side of the bridge to the other side. A strong metaphore of how teams can come to great results if there is clear goals, conditions and communication.

  • 90-150 min

  • Until 500

  • From €1200

  • Collaboration

“Building Bridges was the perfect kick-off for our diverse international team. It was soon clear to all that in order to successfully build the bridge, it was of key importance to work with a master plan instead of randomly starting. It also made us realise that we should interact, listen and learn from each other more and that have a good team spirit goes a long way.”