Joep Stassen

Joep Stassen calls himself a Corporate Comedian. He works as a chair, moderator, presenter and actor. His charm and enthusiasm are infectious and he will engage even an introverted audience and get people to open up on sensitive issues. In doing so he benefits from his background in business and stand-up comedy; a rare combination in a moderator.

You can get an impression of Joep in this video. He can be booked for both Dutch and English events.

He learned stand-up comedy from comedians of the well-known Comedytrain in Amsterdam. He graduated in Business Administration at Nyenrode University as well as Economics at the VU University in Amsterdam. After his studies he worked in the retail sector a.o. for Ahold while teaching at the School of Economics at InHolland. Live communication and improvisation is what defines Joep as a professional. He is a master in choosing the right intervention and developing productive interactions. Always well-prepared and not scared of the unexpected, while remaining focused and flexible where needed. All this, resulting in profound conversations addressing important issues.

“CJG organised an event for our 700 employees to discuss restructuring, the future of the organisation and what this would entail for everybody. It was our intention to have a dynamic and interactive process during this day, rather that a monologue from the side of the organisation. Moderator Joep Stassen did understand our intentions immediately and came up with good ideas for the programs and excellent interventions during the day. The program was informative as well as entertaining and we managed to have a proper dialogue. Somehow Joep managed to morph into ‘one of us’ linking everything in the best possible way. Thanks to More Balls Than Most we had a successful event in terms of contentand entertainment.”