Juggling Show

In our juggling show, our speaker will make the link between the objective of your meeting and ‘The Art of Letting Go’ in a humoristic presentation, supported by two jugglers. In his presentation, he will use such terms as constant change in management today, flexibility, creativity, dynamics, taking up challenges and breaking down barriers.

After a serious announcement, the speaker will work towards the metaphor of juggling, via an introduction about changes in social and social-economic areas. The speaker has visual support from a DSO (Dedicated Sheet Operator) or ‘sheet shifter’. A juggler amazes the audience with his tricks, while the speaker draws parallels with the sentiments of the audience.

In an inimitable juggling routine, the sheet shifter and juggler deal not only with the juggling cones but also with familiar terms and current affairs. With a nod and a wink, these multi-taskers pur sang work up to a climax in which two volunteers from the audience are invited up on stage. Will they dare to take the symbolic step forwards on the uncertain path of change?

This exciting show is tailor-made to your specific wishes, making the subjects very recognisable. There are surprises for the audience right from the beginning.

Key concepts

Dealing with constant change in modern life; flexibility; creativity; dynamics; cooperation; trust; vision; mission; accepting challenges and breaking down barriers.