Networking Act

During the Networking Act a Stand-up Comedian starts with a fake speech addressing the theme of the event. It soon becomes clear that this ‘Business Guru’ has other plans for the audience and after a short while colourful wool is thrown from all sides into the auditorium. People are encouraged to join in by throwing wool to one another. Soon everybody is entangled in an enormous web.

  • 15-30 min

  • Unlimited

  • Networking

“We booked the Networking Act by More Balls Than Most as a special closing for our project. It was a spectacular end of a fun day. The speaker managed to include the theme perfectly in his fake speech and the surprise and chaos in the audience was complete before the network was created. We are certain that we will remember this unique experience for a long time. All in all it was well-done, a lot of fun and highly engaging”

“The fake speech by so-called professor Mollee during the opening of our event ‘Pleegzorg 2010’ was much appreciated by the audience of over 600 people. It gave people energy after a long journey. A fantastic opening that made us look forward to the rest of the event. The Networking Act was top!”