Theatre Improvisation

Through the Theatre Improvisation Workshop participants experience the importance of good listening and a spontaneous response in productive interactions. This method enables teams to experiment with different behaviours and open communication in a fun way. The workshop is structured in such a way, that no prior experience with acting or improvisation is necessary, and all people can fully participate in the different exercises.  The Theatre Improvisation Workshop can also be used before a brainstorm session or as a special preparation for a challenging presentation.

  • 60-180 min

  • Until 100

  • Collaboration

“We often believe that we are on the same page when we discuss concepts like customer-focus, while in fact we are not. Theatre improvisation is a technique that is focused on listening and details, while stimulating people to demonstrate their understanding in a short sketch. Through this method teams get a clear idea of what is meant with certain concepts and are helped to create a clear picture of desirable behaviour.”