Pazjanka Orchestra

Pazjanka Orkestra has a core repertoire consisting of world music. They also perform a variety of original Dutch, French, Irish and Latin-American folk songs with violin, accordeon, guitar. bass, percussion, clarinet, flute and saxophone. Sometimes they even use exotic instruments like the charango of banzura.

Pazjanka Orkestra performs frequently with The Cordial Ladies they both cherish memories such as a joint performance during a large family gathering on the Thuner See in Switzerland as well as a marriage of a miilionaire in Mumbai.

Pazjanka’s strength lies in the fact that they play acoustic music, which works well at corporate events. They however also know how to get a party moving with swinging world music.

Have a look at Pazjanka Orkestra for a first impression.

“Excellent volume appropriate for the occasion. Professional multi-talents. Wonderful experience! Creating an ambiance in a subtle manner. Clearly present while ‘not in your face’.”

  • 30-240 min

  • Unlimited

  • Collaboration

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